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Hi! I’m Adriana (she/her) and I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp, Belgium working with Prof Bence Nanay. Before this, I was an SGSAH-funded PhD student at the University of Glasgow, where I worked under the supervision of Fiona Macpherson. My background is in Psychology (BA(Hons), University of Barcelona) and Cognitive Science (MSc, University of Barcelona).

My research aims to provide a clearer understanding of the nature of phenomenal consciousness by drawing upon different philosophical traditions, such as analytic philosophy, phenomenology, and Eastern philosophy, as well as research from empirical sciences like cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Specifically, my research focuses on studying minimal forms of awareness during sleep, dreaming, and other associated states during wakefulness (including daydreaming and mind wandering).

I’m an interdisciplinary philosopher, and my approach to studying consciousness combines traditional philosophical methods, such as conceptual analysis, with methods from the social sciences, including qualitative research.

I’m always eager to connect and collaborate with other researchers working on the nature of consciousness and altered states. Additionally, I’m committed to making academia a more inclusive and accessible environment. Therefore, I'm keen to act as a mentor to early-career researchers who might be seeking further support, especially those belonging to minority groups or coming from more disadvantaged backgrounds. Feel free to get in touch.

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About Me

I’m originally from Barcelona (Spain), where I studied Psychology (BA, Hons) and Cognitive Science (MSc). In 2017, I moved to Scotland, where I completed my MPhil and PhD in Psychology at the University of Glasgow. I recently moved back again to “the continent” to work in Antwerp (Belgium) as a postdoctoral researcher. In between, I spent some time in the Netherlands (Donders Institute, Radboud University) and Norway (Centre for the Philosophy and Sciences, University of Oslo) as a visiting PhD student.

I’m a highly proactive researcher, and on top of my research, I enjoy organising various academic events and activities . At the University of Glasgow, I was an active member of the Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) chapter and served as the Diversity Officer for the PhD society. I like to blog about my academic experiences, and I wrote several posts on mental health, inclusion and interdisciplinarity in academia during my role as PGR Intern Blogger (University of Glasgow). I also manage my blog where I post some more informal posts on a variety of topics

Outside academia I love discovering new places (especially if they have tasty vegetarian food), hiking, and practising roller skating. I’m also an aficionado photographer and some of my shots can be found here.